Building Products Division
         Our Building Products Division consists of batching plant for production of ready mixed concrete and manufacturing facility for production of building blocks. We have 12 batching plants engaged in the production of various grades of ready mixed concrete at various locations in India. Our batching plants are relocated to our various project locations depending on demand and have operated in locations like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chandigarh.

     The chief raw materials for our building products division are cement, aggregates, sand and water all of which we sourced locally. Our building products division produces ready mixed concrete and building blocks for our own in house consumption and also, and surplus is sold to third parties at prevailing market rates. In order to diversify the range of offerings provided by our building products division, we have established an in-house capability to produce building blocks that comprises of solid and hollow concrete blocks at a dedicated concrete products facility. We have established our building products division in the outskirts of Chennai. This division has commenced test production and upon becoming fully operational, will have the capacity to produce 10,000 solid or hollow blocks per day.

     Our building products division has been established by us with the objective of ensuring that raw materials for our building projects are of a suitable quality and strength and ensuring a consistent and regular source of supply for ready mixed concrete and building blocks. As of May 25, 2007 our building products division employed 61 employees. For the Fiscal 2007, our RMC plants have supplied 0.45 million cubic meters of RMC including 0.33 million cubic meters of ready mixed concrete for our in-house requirements and 0.12 million cubic meters of RMC to third parties generating a revenue of Rs.268.0 million.
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