Information Technology Department(Yuga Soft)
          Our ERP software was designed, developed and built by our software division. It has been organically developed and integrated over a period of ten years based on an analysis of routines and procedures followed by each of our business functions during the course of their operations. Beginning with a module for our finance and accounting functions, the software has expanded to include a technical module for our operations functions, a module governing our project implementation functions, an SCM module governing our procurement and supply chain functions, and a module for human resources and payroll management. The above process of development has resulted in a very close integration between our in house ERP and our day to day business operations and procedures, as a result of which we are able to track and manage our operations on a real time basis. Our central server running the ERP software is located at Vadapalani Chennai. Our registered office and our regional offices are connected to the central server through dedicated leased line links and broadband links.

     Our technical infrastructure provides for centralized, redundant back up facilities which are based in a separate disaster recovery centre located in Mylapore, Chennai. We intend to further develop and package our in house ERP software for the purposes of marketing the same to as packaged software to third parties. Yugasoft currently employs 13 qualified personnel.
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