Software Designs Department (Yuga Design)
         Yuga Design is our in house software design division which provides integrated software based engineering design services to a variety of domestic and international clients including large engineering companies and to prominent architects.

     Yuga Designs services involve the development of detailed designs, drawings and estimates from concepts and plans which are provided to it by its clients. Upon receiving concept drawings and plans from its clients, Yuga Design produces a design basis report which records client needs and specifications based on various inputs including the building codes and construction specifications which would be applicable to the structure being designed. Upon approval of the design basis report, Yuga Design engages in the production of detailed designs, drawings and estimates using commercially available design software in conjunction with custom built, proprietary and client specific services Yuga design has unique expertise in the use of xsteel software and has produced in house design templates compliant various design standards including AISE, BS and Australian code. Yuga Design is currently proposing to expand its offering to include a structural steel monitoring system which will permit it to provide design, detailing phase and the fabricating services for reinforced structures. Yuga Design currently employs 11 qualified personnel
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